The Vedic Alphabet Consortium (VAC)

  The Vedic Alphabet Consortium (VAC) is comprised of traditional Vedic scholars and modern academic researchers working together to solve various issues involving the representation of the Sanskrit language on the computer.

The VAC Project has now been merged with the Vedic Unicode Project of the online Sanskrit Library. For more information visit:

The information below is maintained purely for continuity purposes and will not be updated.





The Unicode Consortium

Indic Characters in Unicode


Creating Unicode Fonts


Indian Government Site on Indian Scripts


Proposals to Encode Vedic Characters in the UCS
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Michael Everson

The Unicode Indic mailing list:
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In this context we use the term 'Vedic' in the colloquial modern Indian usage to refer to texts from all chronological periods, instead of the standard academic usage, which restricts it to only texts of the early period. We couldn't resist the temptation to use the acronym 'VAC', which is the Sanskrit word for speech.